Smartsite Featured Project: True Health & Fitness

Smartsite Featured Project

True Health & Fitness


the challenge

When the owners of True Health and Fitness (THF) began their practice in Greensburg, they were working out of a yoga studio space and needed to make a name for themselves. As a combination acupuncture and chiropractic practice, they had a vision of operating a holistic treatment facility as well as adding in other complimentary services for their customers. They needed a website and a brand that would attract the type of patients they were looking for, as well as present their range of services in a comprehensive and complimentary way.

the solution

Smartsite worked with THF to design a unique brand  that was both simple and comprehensive. The overlapping practice areas in the logo communicate their holistic approach to healing. Today, THF has a large facility with acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, fitness, and life coaching. 

Website Design

smartsite project true health and fitness


smartsite project true health and fitness
smartsite project true health and fitness