Smartsite Strategies | Our Process
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Our Process


Form follows function every time.  Smart Start, Smart Art, Smart Marketing.

Smart Start

smart_start_icon-200x200Planning defines business objectives, audiences, strategic issues, goals, and market challenges. We believe that you in order to win, you need a strategy. We craft marketing blueprints that are guaranteed to help your business reach its maximum potential.

Smart Art

smart_art_icon-200x200We believe that form follows function. This means that all graphics and user interfaces are designed to achieve the strategic goals outlined in the Smart Start. Our design blends strategy with creativity and innovation to produce the tools your business needs to lead the industry.

Smart Marketing

smart_marketing_icon-200x200We have the strategy and we have the design, now we need to sell. Smart Marketing means bringing the plans and designs together to connect with prospects and customers. Whether it’s an Ad Words campaign, an e-blast schedule, or a web video series, we help you build an arsenal of tools you need to win!

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