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You know your business best. We help businesses like yours develop winning strategies to help you grow your business and anticipate consumer and market changes. The result of a Smart Start is a comprehensive marketing plan.

Smart Art

When done strategically, websites and graphic designs are extremely useful in communicating with your target audiences. All design work generated for your business is done intelligently, and with your strategic plan to back it up.

Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing is about making meaningful connections with your target customers. We don't assume all marketing tools will work for all businesses. Your marketing approach will be unique and strategic.

Featured Projects


Graf custom homes

Curtis Graf had a vision to be more than just a builder with a truck and a few workers. He wanted to go head-to-head with the biggest builders in the Pittsburgh area, but he needed a plan.

From the Smart Start strategy session to website design, logo and branding, video production and photography, Smartsite and Graf worked hand-in-hand to execute a plan to market and grow his business into one of the top home builders in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.


Natural Areas Association

Smartsite was approached by the Natural Areas Association (NAA), headquartered in Ligonier, PA to completely re-design and build a robust and responsive website. 

The goal of the website was to attract new and retain existing members, increase journal subscriptions, and support member services including a member portal, job board, events calendar, and webinar series. 

We worked closely with the Executive Director and board of Directors to strategize and implement their vision for their next generation website. 

smartsite projects nonprofit natural areas association


J. Corks

The historical J. Corks restaurant is housed in a stately building near the courthouse in downtown Greensburg, PA.

A reputable restaurant with a strong customer base during lunch hours from lawyers, public officials, and others working downtown, J. Corks was struggling for dinner business during the week. 

Smartsite worked with J. Corks to design a modern website to attract a specific audience for week night dinners, and implemented an email marketing strategy that continues today. 

smartsite project j corks restaurant


True health & fitness

When the owners of True Health & Fitness (THF) moved to Greensburg, PA from Vermont, they had no brand, no website, and a handful of patients. They were truly in start-up/start-over mode.

THF is unique, as it offers acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, personal training, and life coaching. They needed a website and a logo that would combine all of these practice areas in a simple and beautiful way. 

Smartsite worked closely with THF to design a strong brand and a website that would attract their desired patients. 

smartsite project true health and fitness
Happy Clients

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"We love our logo and website designed by SmartSite! We have received new business because of the site and many compliments. Elle listened to exactly what we wanted and did an incredible job."

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