Smartsite Strategies | Our Team
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Our Team


We put all we’ve got into every client.

Elle is intimately involved in the creative design and strategy process for our clients. Elle manages the online presence and the implementation of technology, including websites, mobile apps and online properties, for our clients. With a life-long passion for all things design, Elle takes a hands-on approach to art direction.

Elle Speicher

Creative Director/ Co-Owner

As Lead Strategist, Ray facilitates the Smart Start process and marketing plan development. Harnessing more than 40 years of entrepreneurial instinct, business development, and sales experience, Ray brings a unique perspective to the process and develops game changing strategies to help our clients win.

Ray Speicher

Lead Strategist/ Co-Owner

Dan is a seasoned photographer and filmmaker focused on storytelling. Whether its corporate, documentary, or a mixture of stills and video, Dan can help to tell your story, and help you to stand out from your competitors.

Dan Speicher

Lead Photographer & Videographer